This service is a complete rip off. I paid them $2,550 and received NOTHING in return. They said they would do my taxes in addition to negotiating my back tax debt. They did neither. When I complained, no response. I received calls from them about 3 times a day for a week when they were getting my money. After that, I heard from them twice (in the last 11 months). When I replied, they gave unsatisfactory responses, and then, none at all.

If you're contemplating using them, pay the money to the IRS instead. You'll be way ahead.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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This company is so full of excuses! What others have written matches my experience entirely.

We are no competitors. We are the many real customers of yours that you have done a terrible job with.

Stop making excuses for yourself and always blaming the customer for the problems. Start being a professional company that provides quality services.


As we indicated in our previous reply on October 2009, we recommend that either client below calls us so we can resolve your issues with us and if necessary procure a refund our fees. Our phone is 1-888-282-4697


This same thing happened with me. Once they got my money they followed once or twice and did nothing with my tax debts.

I have been trying to negotiate with the IRS myself.

I paid them $2500 and all they did was send a POA to the IRS. When I talk to the IRS they told me I should have never given them any money because it was a waste.


If you are the client who filed this complaint, please call us IMMEDIATELY at 1-888-282-4697 so we can resolve your issues with us -- and if necessary to procure a refund of our fees. Your experience is NOT representative of our average customer.

We are suspicious, though, whether this complaint was filed by a competitor? No one's name is listed. Nonetheless, we are available 9am to 5pm P.S.T.

to address any client's complaint.

Staff of Washington Tax Services

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