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Hired WTS in 9/2008 paid them to handle a tax situation that forced me into a bankruptcy. I owed the IRS $22k.

When I got out of BK in 2010, they acted like I was a pain, and begrudgingly prepared a settlement Form 656, but I had to do all the work. The Form 656 asked for a settlement of $2k, but then WTS informed me that in addition to the $2k my 2009 refund of $3k and 2010 refund of $4k would also be taken by IRS.

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE call the IRS yourself. FRUAD= Washington Tax Service

Monetary Loss: $2550.

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This client hired us in 2008 to represent his business on a 941 tax debt. That phase of his case lasted until mid-2009 when the client decided to file bankruptcy and dissolve the company.

In 2010, the customer contacted us to address the trust fund taxes that were assessed against him personally (not dissolvable in bankruptcy).

At no extra charge, we helped him prepare an Offer in Compromise which was accepted by the IRS.

When we saw this complaint online, we looked up our customer database and called this client and asked him why he filed a complaint.

Nonetheless, we have to chalk this up as a personality conflict.

We hope that the reader of this thread understands that we continued to work this client's case without an extra charge and ultimately his tax debt was settled.

Yes he is correct: the IRS does take tax refunds in the first and sometimes second year after an Offer. So it goes.


This happened after i made the above post.

4/5/2011 Marty Griffith from Washington Tax called me we spoke about what has been said and discussed.

He explained that i did not understand the situation ( that is obvious that is why I hired a tax service) he further explained why I was wrong. I told him I would verify what he said, if correct I would cancel my complaint.

4/13/2011 Marty Griffith called again I explained to him i have a face to face with the local IRS agent to discuss my situation and review what he and Washington Tax state are my options.

He proceeded to tell me that when I need additional help, then he slammed the phone in my face. Very professional.

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