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Washington Tax service is a fraud. Marty Griffith is a scammer.

They take your money make promises and do nothing else. If you want to resolve IRS issues call them yourself. I am going to contact the Attorney General and I have hired an attorney to put these frauds in a place they belong. Behind Bars.

It has been the worst experience of my life. Just stay away. I am not even sure if this is a real business or some people working out of a garage. The Irs agent even agreed to write a statement against them.

You can run but you pissed off the wrong person this time. See you in court.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Reported By: (Henderson Kentucky )

Washington Tax Service Company promised services they did not provide and then refused to refund my $500. Seattle Washington

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Washington Tax Service

570 Mercer St. Bldg. A

Seattle Washington 98109


Phone: 866-525-7324

Category: Internal Revenue Service

Submitted: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Last posting: Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Share I contacted Washington Tax Service ("WTS") to help me in getting an IRS lien released from a piece of real estate I purchased from a third party who had outstanding IRS liens against the property. I explained the entire process to-date to the representative that answered, Marty Griffith. I also faxed over a letter to Mr. Griffith which fully detailed all the events and processes that had taken place to-date.

Mr. Griffith informed me that WTS could help me in obtaining a certificate of discharge for the lien in question for the sum of $500. WTS charged my credit card for $500 and since that time WTS offered absolutely no additional services or aide in getting the lien released from the property. The only advice WTS provided me were steps that had already taken place with the IRS.

WTS in NO WAY provided any services to me in getting the lien released that I had not already been through and tried prior to contacting WTS. Therefore, I requested a refund of my $500 from WTS. WTS refused to refund the $500 they charged to my credit card. WTS then stated that they did not know certain steps had already taken place -- which is simply not true. I have a fax confirmation of a very comprehensive letter detailing all steps and processes which had taken place to-date at the time WTS became involved.

WTS is a complete scam and a rip off. They promise you help and aide in dealing with the IRS and once they receive your money, you get nothing from them. If you need help in dealing with the IRS, I would STRONGLY urge you to stay away from this company because they will do nothing but rip you off!!! For anyone needing assistance with the IRS, I would recommend that you contact Tax Tiger found at


Henderson, Kentucky



This posting is slanderous. The person who posted it does NOT identify who they are, what their actual experience was and what actually happened to them.

These subsequent postings and followups all seem fake and seem created by someone with a personal vendetta?.

Unfortunately, pissed consumer is a website that does NOT remove complaints even if they are slanderous, false and disproven. The objective of this site is to create web traffic and removing posts even slanderous ones does not achieve that objective.

If you are the person who posted this complaint, please call us at 1-888-282-4697 so we can rectify your situation or discuss a refund of your fees. Thank you.


I hope they all go to jail


I wish I had the money to fight them. Total SCAM.


These people are scam artist and they have built a joke of a business screwing people out of money. I hope you fight them.


They do this to everybody. I hope you go after them. They suck

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