I used WA Tax Services (through Jay). He was great on the sales end, but terrible thereafter.

He never called me when he said he would. He never looked at anything I sent to him. He always acted when I did talk to him like I was bothering him. Whenever I asked him to look at anything on my case, he would make a huffing sound then said that they'd have to charge me more for it.

Ultimately, he had someone else in his group write a terrible, unconvincing template letter that didn't include many of the unique facts in my case. I had never talked to the person who wrote the letter, and I doubt that Jay even looked at it. The IRS did nothing to change my case, and although WA Tax Service promises to help if you get rejected by the IRS, they made an absolute minimal effort in doing so. Of course, it didn't work either.

While I'm sure WA Tax Service will blame my dissatisfaction on the outcome, I can say with absolute certainty that it was the poor customer service (rude, unresponsive, slow) and lack of custom attention to my case (a boilerplate letter is not what I was paying for) that is the reason for my dissatisfaction. I would have been unhappy with that even if my case had turned out to be successful.

I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone, even my worst enemies. Maybe WA Tax Service should spend more time on customer service and doing what they are paid for than dismissing any negative feedback on them posted online.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Jay Blogs alot about other companies reputation he once begged Alex Hahn American Tax Relief for a job..

Jay you can't get people to hire you by bashing you're competitors


One last thing:

our staff researched every customer that we have had from 2009 thru 2011 who was a "penalty abatement" customer based in California. This complainee claims to be in Saratoga, California.

We called and emailed people who met this criteria...there were four people. All customers who have responded were happy.

So we wonder if this ANONYMOUS complaint was a lie or fictional? Nonetheless, if you made this complaint, please contact us -- if your story has any truth to it -- we will grant you a partial refund of your fees.


Finally - to add to what we wrote below...

this person (we think) wrote an identical complaint at complaintsboard website on April 18, 2011 at the bottom of another thread there. That is almost one year from the time of this complaint.

Why would someone complain twice with that much time separating the complaints?

Nonetheless, if this is truly not a fake complaint -- we are prepared to partially refund this person their money if their experience had any truth to it. Thank you, Washington Tax


These anonymous complaints are painful to get. But we will do our best to respond. Today, June 7, 2012, we went thru our entire database of customers back to December 2009 to find a customer from Saratoga, CA or the Bay area that met the criteria of this person’s complaint and couldn’t find anyone that met that match.

This person claims that we were hired to do a penalty and interest abatement ONLY on this case and that would be rare as we almost always help our customers with representation issues like payment plan negotiation etc by talking to the IRS with Power of Attorney, etc.. and then do the penalty abatement to complete the case.

But let’s say this was a penalty abatement case – exclusively--…he/she is right : we do use a template letter for our penalty abatements. But we always accept input from our client to make sure the final letter is right. This person’s penalty abatement appears to have been rejected. He/she is also right: we do help our client with the appeal of the penalty abatement rejection by doing an appeal. On most appeals , we also file Power of Attorney so we can talk to the appeals department on the case.

But if this is a real person (we have had anonymous fake complaints at this site), we are sorry for their bad experience. If they will call us and *** the cloak of anonymity, we can discuss securing a partial refund of our fees for their poor and unsuccessful experience with us. Washington Tax Services prides itself on its customer service and considers this a rare negative experience by a customer. We wish clients would complain to us directly or use the Better Business Bureau as an arbiter between us. But until people return to the habit of that: we will continue to respond to these anonymous complaints to the best of our ability. Thanks.

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